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50 Examples of Customer Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction is the degree to which customers are happy with a product, service or experience. This is viewed as a core business metric in a large number of industries that is typically measured with a customer survey. The following are common areas that influence customer satisfaction.
High quality products.
Friendly and helpful service.
Meeting or exceeding customer expectations.
Flexibility in dealing with customer requests.
Products that are pleasing and productive to use.
Durable and reliable products.
Products that are free of defects.
Products that use high quality materials and ingredients.
Fair terms that are easy to understand.
Providing great variety and selection.
Offering warranties and guarantees.
Offering customization options.
Regularly improving products.
Using customer feedback and reviews to improve.
Prompt response to customer inquiries.
Making service subscriptions easy to change and cancel.
Candor and honesty in communication.
Polite and professional service.
Customer experience such as tasty food.
Good value for price.
Building a sense of social status around your brand.
Making things easier for the customer with comfort and convenience.
Luxurious experiences that are relaxing.
Epic experiences that are deeply meaningful to the customer.
Products that satisfy customer needs.
Products that are environmentally and socially responsible.
Ensuring safety and security.
Providing useful information about products.
The quality and responsiveness of customer support.
Providing multiple channels of support.
Providing personalized service and attention.
Providing self-service tools.
Hassle-free returns.
Convenient business hours.
Fairness and inclusiveness of your business.
Products and services that are consistent and stable.
Transparent and stable pricing that’s perceived as fair.
Honoring commitments and promises.
Not charging new customers less than loyal customers.
Turning around customer dissatisfaction with compensation.
Providing a sense that you value the customer’s business.
Empowering frontline employees to solve customer problems.
Knowledgeable salespeople and support staff.
Staff that are attentive without being invasive.
Orders that are filled quickly and accurately.
Clean, well maintained environments.
Pleasing ambiance such as music.
Intuitive and easy to use products.
Promotions such as loyalty cards aren’t pushed too hard.
Clear, fair and accurate invoices and bills.


In most cases, customer satisfaction is measured with a short survey or rating tool for customers. The practice of calculating customer satisfaction metrics dates back to the early 20th century. The most common approach is to directly ask customers to rate their satisfaction on a scale from 1 to 5.
Overview: Customer Satisfaction
Definition (1)
The extent to which customers are happy with a product, service or experience.
Definition (2)
The practice of asking customers about your brand, products and customer experience as a source of marketing metrics.
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Customer Satisfaction

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