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18 Types Of Customer

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A customer is an individual or entity who purchases a product or service. Depending on your business model, you may sell to businesses or consumers. It is also common to sell to various types of intermediary. The following are common types of customer.
Value-added resellers
Ecommerce sites
Business customers
Service businesses
Manufacturing businesses


A firm that buys in bulk and distributes to other sellers such as retailers.


A firm that imports goods from another country at the wholesale or retail level.


Selling your goods to a retailer who then sells them to end-customers.


Selling your goods to end-customers directly using a channel such as retail or ecommerce.

Value-Added Reseller

Selling your goods to a firm that adds value to your offerings before reselling them. For example, a consulting firm that implements your software for a customer.


A marketing firm that resells your products or service without adding value such as customer service.

Business to Business

Products and services that are consumed by other businesses. For example, selling an information security platform to a bank.


Manufacturers are customers for a wide range of businesses that supply parts and materials. In this case, the end-customer isn't the manufacturer itself but the customers of the manufacturer. For example, an original equipment manufacturer that sells zippers that are used by fashion manufacturers to produce clothing.


Selling products and services that are incorporated into another firm's services. For example, a farmer who sells artisanal foods to local restaurants.


Selling to ecommerce sites and individual sellers on an ecommerce platform.


Selling to a collective business system such as an automobile association that purchases towing services from a variety of operators.
Overview: Customer
An entity that purchases products and services including intermediaries and end-customers.
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