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54 Examples of Work Improvement

Work improvement is the process of increasing work performance or the quality of work. This is a well understood area with common approaches to producing more value at higher speed with less risk and more quality. The following are common examples of work improvement.
Automating Process Steps
Better Communication
Changes to Working Style
Clearing Issues Faster
Cooperation & Collaboration With Others
Cost Reduction
Customer Experience - improving things for the customer
Decision Quality - using more data / testing things out
Design Improvement
Eliminating Latent Human Error - designing out mistakes
Eliminating Waste
Faster Decisions - not sitting on things
Higher Quality Materials
Improved Diligence - attention to detail
Improved Engagement - more interaction with others
Improved Focus - removing distractions
Improved Procedures
Improved Stakeholder Relationships
Improved Usability
Improving Inputs
Improving Security / Information Security
Increasing Safety
Last Responsible Moment - waiting until things really need to be done
Less Meetings and Communication - more time on core productivity
Less Planning More Doing
Managing Risks
Measure and Improve Work Processes / Procedures
More Experimentation - testing brave ideas
More Feedback or Less Feedback
More Visible & Vocal
Move From Adhoc Work to a Process
On-time Delivery
Prioritization - avoiding low value tasks
Proactive Work - preventing issues as opposed to managing them
Professional Mastery - refining your talents
Reducing Process Steps
Refinement - perfecting work
Regulatory Compliance
Reinvent Work Processes / Procedures
Removing Unnecessary Work
Requirements Conformance - more closely meeting requirements
Review or Peer Review
Self-Direction - clearing issues without direction
Sense of Urgency
Standards Compliance
Structuring Work - adding processes, procedures, validations and systems
Testing & Quality Control
Time Management - making more productive use of time
Time to Market
Training and Practice
Using More Productive Tools
Value Creation - moving on to higher value work
Work Throughput - getting more done
Worse is Better - avoiding unnecessary perfectionism

Work Quality

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