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74 Examples of Team Improvements

Team improvement is the process of changing as a team to produce more value. This often involves examination of your current position such as a SWOT analysis that identifies your team strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This knowledge can then be used to identified actions to improve your results. The following are common examples of team improvements.
Action item turnaround time
Advocating for the customer across organization
Better communication with stakeholders
Better recruiting and candidate selection practices
Better relationships with customers
Better relationships with partners
Break large projects into small monthly sprints
Building team comradery
Challenge teams that are non-cooperative
Challenge teams that duplicate our work
Challenging the status quo
Cost reduction
Culture of learning daily
Culture of self-direction and initiative
Develop a ship-often culture
Develop alliances
Develop leadership from within team
Establishing greater expectations for performance
Establishing more productive habits and norms
Expand role in organization
Faster decisions
Faster delivery
Greater attention to deal
Greater organizational visibility
Greater role specialization
Improve partner performance
Improved customer service
Improved training
Improved working conditions
Increase team performance
Increase team productivity
Less socialization of decisions, problem solving and work
Less talk more action
Leverage team strengths
More accurate estimates
More accurate forecasting
More candid, direct and timely feedback
More cross-functional initiatives
More flexible roles
More knowledge sharing
More mature project management capabilities
More positive team politics
More productive meetings
More role clarity
More support of each other to develop talent in the team
More time for individual productivity
More with less
Openly offering brave ideas without fear of criticism
Originating efficiency and cost cutting efforts
Originating organizational improvements and change
Originating revenue opportunities
Prioritizing high value work
Proper management of change requests and scope creep
Proper management of risk
Public speaking and presentations to sell value of team
Recognize failure to get back to valuable work
Reduce workload to sustainable pace
Reducing employee turnover
Reducing mistakes and errors
Restructuring responsibilities
Saying no to stakeholders who propose unrealistic and low value work
Sidelining time-wasting activities, administrative processes, training and work
Simplified administrative tasks
Stakeholder perceptions
Streamlined communications
Streamlined processes
Streamlined tasks
Taking more calculated risks
Taking ownership
Toughness and grit
Treating each other with respect
Winning a higher value mandate
Work quality
Working more closely with other teams and business units
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