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51 Opportunities For Improvement

An opportunity for improvement is a professional weakness, shortfall or growth area. This is a conventional way to phrase negative or constructive feedback to employees in performance reviews and other formal communication of feedback. The following are examples of opportunities for improvement.
Attending meetings on time.
Preparing for meetings.
Documenting meeting agendas and meeting minutes.
Learning about products.
Learning about internal policies, processes and procedures.
Following policies and processes more closely.
Increasing work throughput.
Communicating more clearly.
Communicating more often.
Communicating important details more concisely i.e. executive communication.
Increasing organizational visibility.
Maintaining a friendly demeanor with customers.
Professionalism in front of customers.
Solving customer problems.
Arriving on time.
Becoming more self-directed by clearing issues without help.
Making productive use of time.
Trying to be more enthusiastic / engaged.
Dealing with difficult situations such as unhappy customers.
Making timely decisions.
Improving technical skills.
Improving public speaking talents.
Improving creative skills such as visual communication.
Improving business skills such as price negotiation.
Learning about your industry.
Networking and building relationships.
Establishing credibility and building rapport with stakeholders.
Increased diligence / attention to detail.
Closing more sales.
Generating more revenue.
Cutting more waste to improve costs.
Being more helpful and attentive to customers / users.
Being more supportive / collaborative as a team member.
Managing costs more diligently.
Meeting deadlines and commitments.
Solving customer problems.
Achieving higher customer satisfaction.
Mentoring / building up others.
Leading work such as project teams.
Developing management capabilities.
Improving work quality.
Following direction accurately.
Pursuing education and training.
Being more flexible.
Being more cooperative and constructive.
Staying focused / productive.
Limiting distractions such as use of social media.
Planning work in advance e.g. action plans.
Reporting status regularly.
Clearing issues quickly.
Delivering value that gets noticed by stakeholders / upper management.
Where employees are high performers, opportunities for improvement should be completely positive such that they express aspirational areas for growth. For example, suggesting that a highly competent software developer become more of a leader in the team.
Overview: Opportunities For Improvement
A professional weakness, shortfall or growth area.
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