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54 Examples of Media Channels

A media channel is a means of communicating to external stakeholders such as customers, members, partners, investors, regulators and the public. The following are common examples of media channels.
Art / Street Art
Audio Announcements
Billboards & Banners
Books / Ebooks
Desktop Apps
Digital Displays / Screens
Digital Music
Digital Twins
Events / Digital Events
Immersive Experiences
Mixed Reality
Mobile Apps
Movie Theaters
Museums / Cultural Facilities
Music Media (e.g. records)
Outdoor Media
Overhead Messaging
Performance Art
Photo Sharing / Photos
Point of Sale Displays
Public Speaking
Search Engines
Shops / Showrooms
Social Media
Streaming Media
User Interfaces
Video Blogging / Video Sharing
Video Conferencing
Video Games
Video Media (e.g. VHS)
Virtual Presence
Virtual Reality
Virtual Workspaces
White Papers
Word of Mouth
A digital twin is a simulation of a real thing in real time.
Immersive experiences are simulated experiences that are surrounding such that they feel real.
Mixed reality is the integration of virtual things into the real world or vice versa.
Overhead messaging is the practice of making announcements in a location such as a shop.
Robots can be media where they communicate.

Medium vs Channel

A medium is a means of communicating, this is often a technology. Mediums are fully abstract such as "radio." A channel is an actual way of communicating such as a bunch of radio stations that offer advertising. Channels can include multiple providers of communication that all belong to the same medium. For example, an ecommerce channel could include multiple ecommerce platforms and your own ecommerce presence.

Media Channels

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