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50 Examples of New Media (2024)

 , September 25, 2021 updated on May 10, 2023
New media is any means of communicating that didn't exist 50 years ago. In other words, new media is contemporary media that was first introduced in the lifetimes of people who are alive today. New media is largely based on digital technologies such as computers, networks and digital screens. The following are illustrative examples of new media.
Augmented Reality
Chat Platforms
Collaboration Platforms
Computer Animation
Digital Advertising
Digital Billboards
Digital Comments
Digital Music
Digital Photographs
Digital Radio
Digital Reviews
Digital Video
Digital Voice (e.g. Voice Over Ip)
Electronic Documents
Immersive Experiences
Installation Art
Interactive Advertising
Interactive Art
Interactive Films
Interactive Media
Interactive Television
Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO)
Mixed Reality
Mobile Apps
Mobile Messaging
Photo Sharing Platforms
Satellite Radio
Sensory Media
Social Media
Social Networking
Space Networks
Streaming Media
Telecommuting Platforms
Video Games
Video Sharing Platforms
Virtual Presence
Virtual Reality
Virtual Worlds
Augmented reality is the integration of digital entities into the real world and vice versa.
Immersive experiences are media that surround you such that you feel that you are inside the media. For example, a theme park attraction that transports you to a simulated world.
Sensory media is any media that goes beyond sight and sound. For example, haptic feedback in a video game.
Virtual presence is the simulation of an individual's presence in a place. For example, a robot that simulates a worker's presence deep in a mineshaft.
Any software that is used to communicate can be considered media. For example, a flight reservation system that is used to communicate between employees and customers about the status of flights and bookings.
Space networks are communication and data networks that operate in space.
New media is subject to a broad trend known as media convergence whereby all media is becoming more similar with time. For example, video games that are as realistic as films and films that are as interactive as video games.

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