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40 Examples of Internet Media (2024)

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Internet media is a means of communicating using the internet. This can include personal communication with text, images, links, videos and voice. Internet media also includes commercial communication such as digital advertising and business communication such as online collaboration. The following are common examples of internet media.
Chat rooms
Digital advertising
Direct messaging via social media
Ephemeral messaging – messages that disappear
File sharing
Internet radio
Messaging apps
Mixed reality
Mobile apps
Online augmented reality
Online collaboration tools
Online games
Online learning
Online magazines
Online market information
Online news
Online reviews
Online shopping
Online weather
Photo sharing
Professional networking sites
Push notifications
Question & answer platforms
Short video sharing
Social gaming
Social media
Streaming media
Video conferencing
Video sharing
Virtual reality
Virtual worlds
Voice messages
An mobile app that provides information or that allows you to communicate with others is media.
Any form of entertainment is considered media. For example, streaming music and online games.

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