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68 Examples of Performance Problems

Performance problems are workplace issues caused by the performance of an individual. This implies a situation that calls for management action such as a performance improvement plan, disciplinary action or dismissal. Performance problems are assessed according to the recent contributions of an individual and the nature of their role. For example, a salesperson who takes very long lunch breaks probably isn't an issue as long as they are closing sales, following up with customers and generally fulfilling their role. The following are illustrative examples of performance problems.
Avoids Accountability / Responsibility
Avoids Work / Action Items
Breaks Law
Brings Personal Problems to Work
Brings Politics / Ideology To Work
Bypasses Process & Procedures
Client Dissatisfaction
Compliance Violations
Derails Projects
Disconnect From Performance Reality (low performer demands constant recognition)
Discrimination & Biases
Exceeds Authority
Excessive Breaks / Socializing
Extended Period of Generally Low Performance
Fails to Follow Direction
Failure to Achieve Objectives
Failure to Make Proper Notifications (e.g. for sick day)
Health & Safety Hazards
Hostile to Customers
Hostile to Management
Hostile to Peers
Ignores Workplace Health & Safety Practices
Inappropriate Communication (e.g. emails entire company about personal opinions)
Information Security Lapses
Lack of Candor
Lacks Objectivity
Low Throughput
Malicious Compliance
Misses Deadlines
Misuse of Funds
Misuse of Time
Moody, Irritable or Overly Emotional
Negative Office Politics
Outrageous Behavior at Any Time that Damages Reputation of Employer
Overly Passive
Overreaction to Criticism
Passive Aggressive Behavior
Poor Attention to Detail
Poor Budget Control
Poor Listening Habits
Poor Work Quality
Resistance to Change
Resistance to Policy
Sidelines Management
Sidelines Stakeholders
Stakeholder Dissatisfaction
Submits Inaccurate Accusations
Substance Abuse
Subverts Internal Controls
Unauthorized Public Disclosures (violates policy or contract)
Unavailable During Core Working Hours
Unethical Behavior
Unprofessional Behavior
Unreasonable Complaints & Resentments
Wasted Resources / Cost
Workplace Bullying
Authoritarianism is where someone extends their power by misusing things that stem from authority such as processes, procedures and rules. For example, a customer service agent who uses rules to exert hostility towards customers.
For high performers, performance problems mostly relate to professionalism, ethical behavior and compliance. For example, if your top software developer is late for meetings they may deserve significant leniency. For low performers, issues mount and behavior such as tardiness can be a problem.

Performance Issue

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