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84 Examples of Management Strengths

Management strengths are talents, skills, knowledge and character traits that allow an individual to achieve high performance as a manager. It is common to list strengths on performance reviews, recommendations and resumes. These can be phrased in terms of impact to an organization as follows.
Builds useful reports
Influences stakeholders
Sells team value
Celebrates team accomplishments
Gives feedback quickly to resolve performance issues
Finds valuable meaning in data
Approachable and engaged
Develops solid business cases
Measures and optimizes
Achieves schedule and budget
Aligns work to business needs
Builds relationships
Establishes rapport with stakeholders
Brings industry relationships to firm
Develops new business and revenue
Often closing business
Often launching new products and improvements
Challenges assumptions to defeat bad ideas
Good judgement -- often right
High energy and commitment
Quickly handles poor performance
High work throughput of manager and their team
High work quality
Sponsors important change
Source of inventive ideas that are implemented
Resilient to stress
Manages risk
Reduces needless cost
Cooperates broadly and productively
Good with customers
Retains high performers
Delivers important financial analysis
Reasonable and informed decisions
Timely decisions
Takes accountability for delegated responsibility
Treats others with respect
Effective negotiator
Reasonably accurate forecasts and estimates
Communicates to build support for change
Leads by example -- respected by team
Facilitates important conversations
Provides stakeholders with transparency
Clears issues
Controls budgets
Solves problems
Supports and builds up talent
Generous with opportunity -- helps others to advance
Visionary creative direction
Provides team with clear goals and requirements
Sets clear expectations for performance
Manages stakeholder expectations
Addresses the root cause of problems
Listens to team
Builds out business capabilities
Manages and meets commitments
Onboards new employees well
Automates work
Implements and improves business processes
Improves operational efficiency
Good public speaker
Good storyteller
Visualizes information and data effectively
Experiments and invents
Develops new methods
procedures and systems
Diligent research
Recruits top talent
Effective written communication
Runs productive meetings
Achieves high return on investment
Visible in organization
Ethical conduct and oversight of team
Controls and monitors processes
Captures and communicates important metrics
Plans and implements effective strategy
Resolves conflict
Consults stakeholders and subject matter experts
Wins high value mandate
Prioritizes to reduce low value work
Advocates for the customer
Working level knowledge of product
Captures and uses knowledge
Makes effective use of time and resources
Detail-oriented as required
Big-picture thinking as required
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