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Employee Performance

50 Examples of Employee Issues

An employee issue is a problem or risk to an employee's performance or conformance to the policies and principles of a firm. These can be minor to major and are typically communicated to the employee and documented in performance management artifacts such as performance reviews and performance improvement plans. The following are common examples of employee issues.
Breaks a Law
Brings Politics to Work (external politics)
Communication Problems
Cronyism (e.g. promotes unqualified friends)
Dispute Between Employee and Firm
Disregards Information Security Practices
Disrespectful to Customers, Partners or Coworkers
Doesn't Comply to Policy
Fails to Achieve Objectives
Fails to Act in the Best Interests of the Firm
Fails to Collaborate with Team
Fails to Control Costs
Fails to Engage Stakeholders
Fails to Reflect the Values of the Firm Outside Working Hours
Failure to Deliver to Commitments
Health & Safety Violations
Hostile to Customers
Ignores Internal Controls
Inappropriate Expenses
Inappropriately Harsh Communication
Interpersonal Conflict
Lack of Financial Diligence and Control
Late For Work / Meetings
Leaks Information
Low Customer Satisfaction
Low Productivity
Low Work Throughput
Media Consumption at Work
Overly Political (internal politics)
Passive Aggressive Behavior
Personal Hygiene
Poor Attention to Detail
Poor Work Quality
Preaches an Ideology at Work
Resists Change
Shirks Accountability & Responsibility
Skills / Knowledge Shortfall
Slow Response to Requests
Spreads Gossip
Unethical Conduct
Unprofessional Attire
Unprofessional Conduct
Unreachable During Work Hours
Workplace Bullying
Policy can be over-enforced. For example, an HR department that is always writing everyone up every time they have a minor lapse is likely to create a toxic work environment whereby employees become disengaged and hostile to the firm. Likewise, penalizing high performing talent for minor issues such as being late is likely to backfire.
Underenforcement of policy can also create a toxic culture. For example, an executive who disregards ethics may set the tone for similar behavior across your entire organization.
Writing up employees up for something they have done outside working hours is reserved for serious ethical lapses. Employees typically find monitoring outside working hours to be oppressive and dark. The reason firms employ people is to create value not to control employees.

Employee Performance

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