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9 Examples of a Performance Issue

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A performance issue is a failure to meet the basic requirements of a job. They are based on reasonable expectations of behavior and results as defined by a job description, performance objectives, policy and a firm's organizational culture. The following are illustrative examples of performance issues.

Executive Management

A chief financial officer who fails to inform investors and a firm's board of directors of upcoming liquidity risks as debt payments can't be covered by cash positions.


A manager who fails to follow processes such as submitting a team budget in a timely fashion.

Customer Service

A customer service representative who regularly demonstrates an unfriendly and unhelpful attitude towards customers. Identifying such performance issues may require qualitative evaluations by a supervisor and may be measurable as customer satisfaction ratings.


A software developer who ignores emails and skips meetings to the extent that it creates project issues.


A trader at a bank who violates financial regulations.

Values & Ethics

An employee who makes comments at work that are hateful towards a race, color, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or other traits.


An aircraft maintenance engineer who fails to follow maintenance procedures in order to save time.


A salesperson who expresses anger towards a customer.


In many cases, performance issues are linked to a general lack of productivity. Some firms have a performance culture whereby individuals are expected to get much done in a quarter. At such firms, employees are expected to push through problems and accomplish something meaningful to the business regularly.
Overview: Performance Issue
A failure to meet the basic requirements of a job.
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