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40 Examples of Management Experience (When You're Not a Manager)

Management experience is a history of managing people, processes and projects. It is common for people to accumulate management experience long before becoming a manager through work that involves leadership, planning, influencing and analysis. The following are examples of management experience that is common amongst non-managers.
Team leadership
Project leadership
Project management
Project coordination
Managing stakeholder relationships
Influencing executives
Presentations and public speaking
Organizing events
Organizing meetings
Organizing administrative processes
Creating business cases
Managing partners
Improving business processes
Coaching and mentoring
Developing budgets
Managing risks
Drafting policies
Creating procedures or instructions
Developing metrics, KPIs and reports
Drafting standards
Pitching proposals
Managing customer relationships
Developing strategies and goals
Recruiting employees
Interviewing job candidates
Managing a small business
Organizing volunteer initiatives
Developing estimates
Cross-functional collaboration with other teams
Delivering analysis and recommendation
Resolving incidents and problems
Clearing issues
Managing commitments to stakeholders
Managing processes
Planning and designing processes
Decision analysis and decision making
Customer advocacy
Customer advocacy is the process of engaging customers and using their input to advocate for improvements to your business.
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