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57 Examples of Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is formal or informal communication regarding an employee's performance. These are communicated by management and stakeholders as part of day-to-day work and formal performance review processes. The following are illustrative examples in a formal style that include negative, constructive and positive feedback.

Customer Service

Adopts an unfriendly demeanor towards customers.
Works diligently to resolve customer issues but requires improvement with respect to building rapport and maintaining a friendly presence.
Effortlessly establishes rapport with customers and works diligently to provide a positive service experience.


Fails to provide clear direction to team and admonishes team members based on invalid assumptions.
Leads by example by clearing issues and managing stakeholders well. Communication to team members could be improved whereby direction and expectations are clearly documented and discussed.
Sets and manages expectations for work performance to lead team, clear issues and meet commitments to stakeholders.


Allows processes and projects to proceed in an uncontrolled adhoc manner resulting in operational issues and missed project milestones.
Works to control processes, communicate and clear issues but has missed several project milestones.
Manages team, projects and operational processes to stakeholder expectations by controlling processes, communicating effectively and quickly clearing issues.


Avoids accountability for failures that clearly fall within their scope of responsibility.
Works to address problems and remains responsible but doesn't own accountability for failures.
Candid and pragmatic in acknowledging failures. Works with diligence to clear problems and turn things around.


Produces offerings that fail to convert. Works with good intentions but fails to produce results comparable to peers.
Works to optimize and test offerings but has had issues in producing a reasonable conversion rate.
Talented at product management and promotion with an intuitive feel for the market and customers that produces revenue above expectations.


Experienced difficulties closing and managing customer relationships.
Closes well but fails to follow up with customers in the service phase of the relationship.
A top closer who is able to manage strategic customer accounts to sustain and extend relationships.

Attention to Detail

Lacks diligence in carefully preparing and validating journal entries. This has resulted in several material errors.
Works diligently to validate journal entries but has not achieved complete accuracy and precision. Continue to improve and refine your work to produce fully validated journal entries going forward.
Demonstrates exceptional attention to detail with diligent work that is precise, timely and accurate.

Software Development

Experienced difficulties keeping up with the pace of development. Often relies on others to debug problems and follow the development process.
Produces a reasonable volume of code and keeps up with the fast pace of projects. Keep working to improve your code and reduce the frequency and severity of defects introduced by your work.
A productive and talented software developer who is capable to architect, design and code complex deliverables to requirements and schedule.


Fails to attend meetings and demonstrates low commitment to team processes.
A productive employee who could play a larger role by cooperating more broadly with other team members.
Demonstrates a constructive and positive approach to team communication, cooperation and comradery. Viewed by the team as constructive, supportive and approachable.


Consistently struggles to use the new customer service system despite multiple training sessions and ample support.
Demonstrates working understanding of the ____ standard but still needs to pass the certification exam.
Fast learner who adapts to new technologies and platforms as required.

Meeting Management

Schedules meetings with an unclear agenda, purpose and direction.
Diligently prepares for meetings. Work to facilitate meetings that you schedule to ensure they stay on topic and are productive.
Manages meetings well with short, productive meetings that produce value.


Fails to maintain a professional demeanor by bringing personal problems and politics into customer interactions.
Generally maintains a positive and professional approach to customer service in positive interactions. Continue to work to improve in dealing with difficult interactions such as handling customer complaints.
Maintains a high standard of professionalism in the most demanding and difficult of situations.


Requires greater attention to listening to direction and communicating with intent to understand to build upon the context of conversations.
Contributes to meetings and other communications in a clear and concise way. Continue to work to improve listening habits to build upon input from others.
Communicates well to play a key role in problem solving, decisions and knowledge exchange. Engages and includes others to create an environment where stakeholders and contributors are consulted.

Visibility & Influence

Fails to build the relationships and influence required to clear issues and push projects forward.
Influences well in meetings. Work to build relationships and push for support and direction as required.
A highly visible member of the organization who is able to build support for strategy and communicate to manage stakeholders and clear issues.

Time Management

Regularly distracted by low priority items and activities.
Productive when focused. Work to improve time management by avoiding distractions such as media consumption during core hours.
Manages time well to stay focused on priority items.


Requires regular direction and fails to push work forward without support.
Quickly escalates issues and pushes into work. Continue to improve this process by seeking out worthy action items and independently clearing issues.
Works without direction to accomplish their role and solve problems.

Work Quality

Deliverables for the ___ project weren't up to expectations and were poorly received by stakeholders.
Developed requirements for the ___ project in a timely manner. Work to improve requirements quality.
Delivered architectural design documents to a high professional standard.


Fails to deliver to committed timelines for action items.
Pushes work forward well but tends to wait for direction when issues are encountered.
Delivers a high volume of work with a high productivity rate and a talent for clearing issues and solving problems.

Turnaround Time

Fails to respond to requests and inquiries in a timely manner.
Delivers action items in a reasonably timely manner but could communicate status more regularly to stakeholders.
Exceeds stakeholder expectations by being responsive and delivering results quickly.

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