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14 Examples of Print Media

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Print media is communication based on printed materials that have a physical presence. The following are common examples.


Newspapers that are printed and delivered to homes, shops and other locations such as hotels. This is energy intensive and is not viewed as environmentally responsible as a digital copy of the same work. Newspapers are also printed on thin paper with inexpensive printing processes such that digital equivalents offer richer media such as high resolution images and videos.


Regularly published glossy publications. These often cover niche topics and offer high resolution printing that may still be competitive with digital formats.


Any regular publication such as a monthly, semi-annual or annual journal.


Books are valued items that aren't typically viewed as disposable. For example, there is a lively market for secondhand books. Reading a physical book is a completely different experience from holding a mobile device and scrolling through an ebook. As such, some customers strongly prefer printed books.

Comic Books

Comic books are cartoon stories that are often sold as serial publications. Viewed as valued collectables whereby physical editions are strongly preferred by some consumers.

Phone Books

Historically phone books including yellow pages of commercial ads were an invaluable resource for locating people and businesses. These are now largely obsolete due to powerful digital search tools and business directories.


Posters such as the movie posters traditionally displayed in movie theatres. These can easily be replaced with digital equivalents that may achieve higher engagement. Posters may still be valued as decorations and collectables.


Postcards are small cards with some compelling photograph or art on the front and space for writing on the back. These are a traditional item with a special place in culture that are likely to survive into the future. Digital equivalents may be of little interest.

Media Kit

A media kit, or press kit, is a set of promotional materials that are distributed to the media. These are often digital but may be printed for distribution at an event. Printed media kits may get more attention, particularly in a meeting or press conference.

Promotional Products

Printed promotional products such as a corporate themed calendar that is distributed to customers, partners and employees at the end of the year.

Marketing Collateral

Materials that are used to promote products and support sales processes such as a brochure, catalog or price list.

Outdoor Media

Printed outdoor media such as a poster display on a street.

Point of Sale Displays

Display cases and other promotional items that are placed in stores.

Product Packaging

Product packaging and printed items inside a package such as a product guide or catalog.


Printed media are communications that are printed on paper or similar materials such as sheets of plastic. These include traditional media such as books and more modern forms such as large environmental graphics that are printed and applied to physical environments such as walls and floors. The following is a summary of printed media with a few additional examples.
Overview: Print Media
Communication based on physical printed materials.
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