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9 Examples of Trialability

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Trialability is the ease with which customers can try a new product or service. This is quite important for innovative products that have to be experienced to see their value. Any product or service that has the ability to wow customers benefits greatly from trialability. This can include improvements in quality that sound like exaggerations when put into words. Trialability is also important when customers need to integrate a product or service with other things such as a chair that needs to fit into a space and suit a room. The following are common types of trialability.

Trial Sizes

Small packages of new products that are inexpensive. For example, a small package of a cosmetic that costs $1 when the product costs $100.


Trial sizes that are given out for free to a target market.

Service Trials

Free trials of services such as software.


Media such as promotional music videos and movie trailers that provide audiences a glimpse at the full experience.

In-Store Display

Displays and demonstrations of products at retail locations. This may include an unpackaged sample of the product that customers can try such as a pillow that customers can squeeze to test its firmness.


A physical place where customers can explore your products and services.


Events such as industry conferences that allow customers to try things.

Digital Twin

A virtual means of exploring products such as a digital twin of a chair that customers can view in their home.


Business-to-business sales may involve a quick prototype to show that a product or service fits requirements and integrates well.
Overview: Trialability
The ease with which customers can try a new product or service.
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