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67 Examples of Employee Data

Employee data is information that a firm captures, processes and stores about an individual that they employ or have employed. This is typically personally identifiable but it is also common for firms to capture anonymous employee data such as an employee survey. The following are common examples of employee data.
Assets Loaned to Employee
Attendance History
Bank Account Details (for pay)
Base Salary
Compensation History
Cost Center
Customer Complaints (about an employee)
Date of Birth
Demographic Information (e.g. ethnicity)
Direct Manager
Disability Status
Disciplinary Actions
Education History
Education Level
Email Addresses
Emergency Contacts
Employee Address
Employee Complaints
Employee Expense Reports
Employee Id
Employee Safety Records
Employee Satisfaction
Employee Suggestions
Employee Surveys
Employment Contracts
Employment Dates
Employment History
Employment Status
Employment Terms
Expense Payments
Family Status
Hours Worked
Identification Numbers
Incentive Pay (e.g. amount of next bonus)
Job Level
Job Title
Leave Balance
Leave Entitlement
Leave History (type, dates, approvals)
Leave Status / Next Leave
Licences & Qualifications
Medical Conditions (e.g. allergies)
Medical Status
Organizational Unit (team)
Performance Goals
Performance Improvement Plans
Performance Reviews
Performance Scores
Phone Numbers
Productivity Metrics
Retirement Eligible Date
Salary Payment History
Security Clearance
Skills & Capabilities
Spouse & Dependents
Tax Identification Numbers
Training History
Work Assignments
Work Location
Work Schedule
Aggressive collection of employee data may have compliance, ethical and security implications. Likewise, there may be data that you are required to capture in your jurisdiction.

Human Resources

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