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21 Examples of Product Class

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Product class is a grouping of products and services based on customer needs and preferences. This is generally understood to be more specific than a product category. Goods in a product class substitute for one another such that they directly compete. The following are illustrative examples of a product class.
Kids breakfast cereals
Luxury handbags
Sport utility vehicles
Economy class flights
Luxury hotels
Electric bicycles
Running shoes
Organic coffee
Engagement rings
Men’s formal shoes
Toaster ovens
Home security cameras
Self-help books
Action figures
Digital advertising
Streaming media services

Main Points

The following are the defining characteristics of a product class.
Address the same customers needs and preferences.
Act as substitutes for one another.
Products in a product class are in direct competition with one another.
More specific than a product category.
Used for market research, competitive analysis and calculation of metrics such as market share.


The following is a basic overview of product class with additional examples:


As services have become a large percentage of GDP in developed nations, it is now uncommon for marketers to make any strong distinction between products and services. As such it is common to refer to services such as financial services as products.
Overview: Product Class
Definition (1)
A grouping of products and services that can theoretically substitute for each other.
Definition (2)
A classification of products that are in direct competition with one another.
Definition (3)
A classification of products based on the customer needs they serve.
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