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12 Examples of a Pilot

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A pilot is an experimental or trial program that is designed to determine if a strategy is likely to be successful. The following are illustrative examples.

Pilot Episode

A single episode of a television series designed to sell the idea and test its popularity with viewers.

Back Door Pilot

Introducing characters or ideas for a new television show in an episode of an existing a television series.


A demo is a short pilot of media such as a movie, television show or music. A demo for a film might run about 5 minutes.

Unintentional Pilot

An activity that is meant to be limited in scope but is expanded due to popularity. For example, a short story that becomes a novel or series.

Pilot Plant

A small industrial system designed to test ideas for a manufacturing facility.

Dry Run

A rehearsal or simulation that is executed under safe conditions. For example, a rocket engine may be tested on the ground before use in a launch.


Building a preliminary model of a product, service, interface or technology to test or evaluate it.

Pilot Study

A small scale study designed to validate a model for research that's more expansive in scope. For example, researchers require a study of at least 1,000 participants to validate a new therapeutic method. They start with 20 participants to validate the approach.

Pilot Program

Launching a process or system on a limited basis to evaluate its impact. For example, a nation pilots a system that allows certain people to renew their passport online.

Test Marketing

Putting new products and services in front of customers to gather feedback. For example, a restaurant with 100 locations may launch a new menu item at a single location to gather feedback.

Proof of Concept

An activity designed to validate a conceptual idea such as an identity for a new brand.

Proof of Principle

An activity designed to validate a concrete theory such as a new method of spacecraft propulsion.
Overview: Pilot
An experimental or trial program that is designed to determine if a strategy is likely to be successful.
Reducing risks and costs
Allowing a large number of ideas to be tested.
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