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72 Examples of Work Principles

Work principles are guidelines or values that an organization, team or individual adopt to set direction for their work. These are essentially slogans that are both memorable and applicable to day-to-day work expectations, strategy and decision making. Principles only have value where they are used. Generally speaking, one word or cliche principles are ineffective. Principles work best where they are authentic and truly reflective of your culture and mission. The following are illustrative examples of work principles.
Act in the best interests of the customer.
Design is in everything we do.
Be the change you want to see.
Customers come first.
Take calculated risks.
Take ownership.
Respect for the individual.
Service to the customer.
Be diligent in your work.
Seek relentless improvement.
Show up on time, every time.
Embrace change and be flexible.
Treat others with respect.
Persevere in the face of challenges.
Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Think customer.
Lead the way.
Do the right thing, the right way.
Dare to be different.
Responsible cost control.
Make it better every day.
Be open, share information and ideas.
Bias for action.
Help others to grow.
Work hard and have fun.
Build lasting relationships with customers and partners.
Create value for our clients.
Expect high performance.
Invest in people.
Work with a sense of urgency.
Respect time.
Work with honesty and integrity.
Invent and simplify.
Learn and be curious.
Think big and work through the details.
Earn credibility and trust.
Create the future.
Play to win.
Keep promises & deliver to commitments
Act with speed and purpose.
Build the career you want.
Learning never stops.
Lead with transparency.
Be accountable.
Lead with ideas.
Give back.
Be brave.
Always try.
Make it great.
Start with the customer.
Consistent performance.
Be on the offense.
Eliminate waste.
Solve challenging problems.
Respect and fairness.
Stay a step ahead.
Dare to do better.
Own it.
Respect the environment.
Work safe.
Make things happen.
Meaningful change.
Shape the future.
Choose fearlessly.
Compete with urgency.
Be fearless and fair.
Leadership by all.
Passion for winning.
Mutual respect and trust.
Be remarkable.
Go beyond.
Think like a start up.

Work Culture

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