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42 Examples of Reliability Quality

Reliability is the consistency of quality over time. This can be applied to products such as a durable bicycle that always works when you need it. Reliability also applies to the availability and consistency of services over time such as a restaurant that always offers attentive service and fine food. The following are common examples of reliability as it pertains to quality.
Accurate billing
Brand reliability – similar reliability across all the products and services offered by a brand
Consistent advice and answers to questions
Consistent build quality
Consistent comfort and convenience
Consistent customer experience
Consistent formulations
Consistent performance during peak times
Consistent presentation e.g. of menu items in a restaurant
Consistent results and outcomes
Consistent safety
Consistent service
Consistent speed
Consistently fast and helpful support
Consistently friendly and professional
Corrosion resistance
Error tolerance
Fault tolerance
Impact resistance
Information accuracy
Lack of errors
Material durability
Meets commitments
On-time delivery
Order accuracy
Precision and accuracy of performance
Product strength e.g. compressive strength
Reliable updates that don’t cause disruptions
Resilience – withstands stress
Robustness – withstands unexpected conditions
Scratch resistance
Structural durability
UV resistance
Uptime of a service
Water resistance
Wear durability
Weather resistance


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