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4 Types of Business Impact Analysis

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A business impact analysis is the process of predicting the impact of large scale interruption of business functions due to factors such as a disaster. It is a basic planning step for business continuity management and disaster recovery. The output of a business impact analysis is typically a prioritization of business functions for restoration in the event of disruption. Such an analysis is often focused on the complex dependencies that may exist between functions and systems. Planning can occur at several different levels:


Capabilities are abstracted business functions that can be mapped to organizational realities such as processes and systems. For example, risk management is a high level capability for an investment bank.


Viewing an organization as a series of services such as IT support and customer service.


The repeated operational practices of a business such as the flow of an order from sales-to-billing.


IT services may be viewed at the system level for the purposes of disaster recovery.
Overview: Business Impact Analysis
Business Continuity Planning
Analysis of the impact of the interruption of business functions.
Prioritizing restoration of capabilities, processes, services and systems in the event of a disaster.
Also Known As
Related Processes
Business impact analysis is a preliminary step in business continuity planning.
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Business Impact Analysis

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