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40 Examples of Financial Risks

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Financial risk is a broad category of risk directly related to money. This includes risks to investments, assets, securities, markets, credit, business operations and the economy. The following are common examples of financial risk.
Asset risk
Risk to an asset such as a house or a stock.
Budget risk
The risk of going overbudget.
Business continuity risk
The risk of a disaster or major adverse event that disrupts a business.
Business interruption risk
Interruption to your business or one that you are invested in.
Business risk
The chance a business doesn’t perform as expected.
Commodity risk
Change to commodity prices.
Concentration risk
A lack of diversification.
Counterparty risk
Someone doesn’t pay you or otherwise fulfill their obligations to you.
Country risk
Financial exposure to a particular nation.
Credit risk
A borrower or customer doesn’t pay you.
Currency exchange risk
Losses due to currency exchange volatility.
Cybersecurity risk
Losses due to a cybersecurity incident.
Economic risk
Changes to economic conditions such as a recession.
Equity risk
The risk of stock losses.
Financing risk
The risk that you won’t secure financing or that the cost will go up.
Fraud risk
The risk of being defrauded.
Inflation risk
Sustained price increases.
Inherent risk
The risk that information used to make investment or business decisions is incorrect or fraudulent.
Interest rate risk
The risk of change to interest rates.
Investment risk
The risk of investment losses.
Legal and compliance risk
The risk of regulatory action or legal disputes.
Liability risk
Losses due to legal claims and obligations.
Liquidity risk
The risk of running out of cash such that you may default on obligations.
Local risk
Risks associated with a particular location e.g. a local business that fails due to the local economy.
Market risk
Change to market prices or conditions such as liquidity.
Model risk
The chance a financial model is flawed.
Operational risk
The risk of operational failures e.g. your bank goes offline during a market crash.
Political risk
Political instability that impacts your financial results or investments.
Price risk
The risk of changing prices.
Refinancing risk
An inability to refinance or additional costs associated with refinancing.
Regulatory change risk
The risk that new laws will impact your business or investments.
Regulatory risk
The risk of regulatory action.
Reputation risk
Damage to reputation that impacts a business or investment.
Risk of loss of key personnel
Business or investment losses due to loss of employees.
Settlement risk
The risk that a party to a financial transaction will not deliver to their obligations.
Sovereign default risk
The risk that a government will default on its debt.
Supply risk
Supply chain disruptions that impact a business or investment.
Systematic risk
The risk that the financial system or global economy will cease to function normally.
Tax risk
The risk of unexpected taxes or penalties.
Volatility risk
Risks due to fluctuating prices.


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