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44 Examples of Social Opportunity

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Social opportunities are the support, services, benefits and possibilities that a society offers an individual. Society can be viewed as a social contract where the individual gives up certain freedoms and takes on certain duties in exchange for the benefits and protections provided by society. Social opportunities vary greatly by nation, region and community and are influenced by advantages such as wealth or adversity such as discrimination. The following are common types of social opportunity.
Blue Space
Business Opportunities
Career Opportunities
Cultural Events
Cultural Exchange
Cultural Opportunities
Economic Growth
Economic Opportunity
Educational Opportunities
Employment Opportunities
Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Freedom of Speech
Gainful Employment
Green Space
Heritage Sites
Higher Education
Institutional Support
Language Learning
Learning Opportunities
Leisure Facilities
Market Access
Political Participation
Public Spaces
Recreation Facilities
Research Opportunities
Rights & Freedoms
Safety & Security
Social Connections
Social Infrastructure
Social Services
Social Stability
Social Status
Social Support
Sports Facilities
Training & Development
Wealth & Income
Workers Rights

Economic Opportunity

The opportunity to secure resources via employment, entrepreneurial ventures or social services. This includes general conditions such as a society with a growing economy and extensive infrastructure. Economic opportunity also considers individual situations including advantages such as relationships or adversity such as discrimination.

Educational Opportunity

Access to good schools at no cost or at a cost that is affordable for you. Educational opportunities can also include extracurricular activities and extraordinary experiences such as studying abroad. These opportunities center around learning but can also include development of talents, gaining experiences, relationship building, socializing and access to positive role models.

Social Infrastructure

Foundational services offered by a society that benefit the quality of life of communities. This includes healthcare, education, public transit and all government services that benefit quality of life such as emergency services. Social infrastructure can also include relatively passive services such as an urban forest that benefits a city.

Political Participation

The opportunity to participate in the politics that set the direction of society. This includes any type of political voice from holding public office to free speech.

Cultural Opportunity

The opportunity to participate in cultures to which you feel you belong or to experience other cultures. Society provides the opportunity to live a cultured life whereby families and individuals participate in culture with their lifestyle and observation of traditions, celebrations, holidays, rituals and sensibilities.

Social Connections

Society provides institutions such as schools and culture such as norms of politeness that facilitate socialization, social interaction and the development of relationships. Societies differ by how well this all works as people can become socially isolated and disconnected in modern societies.


The opportunities that a society offers to the individual. This often differs by the position, social status, wealth, relationships and situation of each individual whereby some individuals have significant advantages and others significant disadvantages in accessing all that a society has to offer.
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