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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

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Augmented reality is the live integration of information, animations, sound and media with the real world.
Virtual reality is a completely simulated environment with an immersive user experience that feels real.

The Difference

Augmented reality is used to overlay information, entertainment and user interfaces into views of real things. For example, a surgeon conducting a surgery may have guidelines and labels as an overlay to their view of the operative field. This can improve accuracy and reduce human error.
Virtual reality is a complete simulation that doesn't incorporate a live view of real things. Virtual reality may simulate real places, people and objects but not as they exist at the same moment in the real world. In many cases, virtual reality creates completely fictional worlds.
Both augmented reality and virtual reality have a large number of applications. Virtual reality tends to focus more on entertainment whereas augmented reality has a great number of commercial applications due to its integration with real situations and things such as products.
Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
The live integration of information and media into views of the real world.
A simulated environment with an immersive user experience that feels real.
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