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72 Examples of the Technology Industry

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The technology industry is a collection of business models that create and capture value using technology. Most industries eventually decide that technology is their core business such that there is a race to become a technology firm before technology firms enter and dominate the industry. As such, there is an increasingly unclear line between technology firms and traditional industry. The following are business models that can currently be viewed as technology industries.
Aerospace engineering
Agricultural technology
Artificial intelligence
Augmented reality
Autonomous vehicles
Backup & recovery
Battery technology
Building systems
Business intelligence
Business process outsourcing
Cloud computing
Cloud infrastructure
Cloud platforms
Cloud storage
Collaboration tools
Communication tools
Construction technology
Consumer electronics
Content platforms
Data analytics
Data integration
Data management
Data providers
Digital advertising
Digital design
Digital government services
Digital marketing
Digital markets
Digital media
Education technology
Electric vehicle
Energy technology
Film production technology
Financial technology
Food technology
Healthcare technology
Home appliances
Home automation
IT consulting
IT infrastructure
Industrial automation
Internet of things
Manufacturing technology
Materials science
Media technology
Mobile apps
Mobile devices
Music technology
Ocean engineering
Office automation
Quantum computing
Retail technology
Sales force automation
Science technology
Security infrastructure
Smart city technology
Social media
Solar power systems
Space technology
Streaming media
Transportation technology
Virtual reality
Wind power systems


Before the 1970s, the technology industry was viewed in terms of physical inventions such as aircraft, nuclear power or space technology. In the period, between 1970 and 2020 the technology industry was more or less equated with information technology based on computers, software and networks. The current period is experiencing large scale digital convergence whereby many industries are so technology intensive that they are beginning to feel like technology industries. For example, the film industry that has shifted into things such as streaming media and video games. At the same time, physical inventions are becoming increasingly relevant whereby more and more physical products are viewed as technologies.


The following industries are commonly viewed as technology industries. It can be noted that a large number of industries produce technologically advanced products that are increasingly viewed as technology. For example, running shoes that are increasingly viewed as incorporating advanced materials and engineering.


In some cases, the term technology industry is used when people mean information technology industry. In other words, it is common to assume that technology equates to information technology.
Definition: Technology Industry
A collection of business models that create and capture value using technology.
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