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72 Examples of the Technology Industry

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The technology industry is a collection of business models that create and capture value using technology. Most industries eventually decide that technology is their core business such that there is a race to become a technology firm before technology firms enter and dominate the industry. As such, there is an increasingly unclear line between technology firms and traditional industry. The following are business models that can currently be viewed as technology industries.
Aerospace engineering
Agricultural technology
Artificial intelligence
Augmented reality
Autonomous vehicles
Backup & recovery
Battery technology
Building systems
Business intelligence
Business process outsourcing
Cloud computing
Cloud infrastructure
Cloud platforms
Cloud storage
Collaboration tools
Communication tools
Construction technology
Consumer electronics
Content platforms
Data analytics
Data integration
Data management
Data providers
Digital advertising
Digital design
Digital government services
Digital marketing
Digital markets
Digital media
Education technology
Electric vehicle
Energy technology
Film production technology
Financial technology
Food technology
Healthcare technology
Home appliances
Home automation
IT consulting
IT infrastructure
Industrial automation
Internet of things
Manufacturing technology
Materials science
Media technology
Mobile apps
Mobile devices
Music technology
Ocean engineering
Office automation
Quantum computing
Retail technology
Sales force automation
Science technology
Security infrastructure
Smart city technology
Social media
Solar power systems
Space technology
Streaming media
Transportation technology
Virtual reality
Wind power systems
More examples of the technology industry:


The development of software. This is an extremely broad industry that includes everything from lightweight mobile apps to large business systems.


The design, production and marketing of computing hardware such as CPUs, memory and storage.

Cloud Services

Delivering software and hardware as a service.


Internet based services in areas such as search, publishing and media.


Selling and distributing products and services through digital channels such as web and mobile apps.

Consumer Electronics

The design, marketing and manufacturing of consumer electronics such as a smart phone.


Network services such as an internet connection.


Technology infrastructure such as cloud computing, edge computing and platforms for developing various types of applications and services. For example, a platform for building and delivering games or mobile apps.


Robotics are a class of machines that are semi-autonomous meaning that they can respond and interact with their environment. These are commonly used to automate physical work such as the assembly of products.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a class of software that can self-improve based on learning. This isn't usually a business model but is instead a technique that is applied to diverse business problems. However, a few firms do currently offer artificial intelligence platforms that can be considered a business model based on AI.


Technology related consulting. This includes the outsourcing of one time activities such as projects and the use of consultants as a pool of labor.

Business Process Outsourcing

The outsourcing of entire business processes such as customer service or IT service management.

Information Security

Information security related software, services and infrastructure.

Data Providers

Data providers and aggregators such as a social media platform that sells its user data or a credit rating agency.

Data Platforms

Platforms for managing, analyzing and visualizing data that may be owned by customers. For example, an analytics platform for marketing data.


Technology related design services such as web design.


The production, delivery and marketing of video games.


Digital environments that are provided as entertainment. For example, a theme park that offers digital immersive experiences.

Art, Performing Art & Music

Contemporary art, performing art and music that are technology intensive. For example, an art exhibition or music performance based on holograms.


Digital media such as a streaming video or music service.


Marketing technologies such as a digital advertising platform.


Education that is delivered through digital challenges and training related to technology.

Architectural Technology

Technology elements of buildings and other physical environments. For example, a building envelope that automatically adapts to conditions to help cool or heat the building.

Agricultural Technology

Agricultural technology such as a modern combine harvester. In theory, virtually every aspect of farming could be automated. For example, small robots that attack pests in place of chemical pesticides.


Finance such as bank accounts, payment systems, loans and investments.


The transfer of risk for a fee. This is technology intensive as modeling risk is a complex undertaking. Insurance is also commonly sold and distributed using digital channels.


Healthcare related systems, services and equipment. For example, the development and marketing of hospital information systems.


The space industry including aerospace manufacturing and satellite based business models.


Science related products and services such as the design and manufacturing of laboratory instruments.


Energy infrastructure such as grids and advanced forms of energy production such as solar panels.


IoT is the integration of everyday things with the internet. This potentially makes traditional products, services and infrastructure a technology. For example, an electric bicycle that is constantly improved with software updates that also contributes to these updates by sharing data from the bicycle.


Technology products that are viewed as fashion accessories or clothing that is embedded with technology.


Transportation technology such as a high speed train or electric bus.


Systems and technology infrastructure for cities. For example, a solar road that produces electricity and automatically reports road conditions to a traffic management system.
Overview: Technology Industry
A collection of business models that create and capture value using technology.
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