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What is Mobile Convergence?

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Mobile Convergence is the tendency for mobile devices to become more similar to fixed-location devices with time. This is a long term technology trend that includes convergence of networks, user interfaces and services.


In the late 1990s, televisions and mobile phones were completely different things. Televisions were mostly large screen devices dedicated to viewing cable television stations using a wire. Mobile phones were extremely small screen devices with voice and limited mobile internet capability.
Televisions evolved to connect to wifi and access rich internet media and apps. Mobile devices evolved to have much larger screens, connect to wifi and access rich internet media and apps.
Modern televisions and mobile devices may access the same media, content, services and applications using the same network. As such, they have mostly converged.


Historically, much effort has been invested in developing specific technologies and user interfaces for smaller mobile screens. As convergence takes place, it is increasingly unnecessary to develop different versions of things for mobile and fixed-location.
Overview: Mobile Convergence
Technology Trends
The tendency for mobile devices and fixed-location devices to become more similar with time.
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