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Information Technology

10+ Technology Principles

 , May 17, 2016 updated on January 14, 2023
Technology principles are basic ideas or rules that either describe technology or act as guidelines for technologists. These include first principles that have broad explanatory power and more specific principles such as a standard practice. The following are a few commonly cited technology principles.
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Moore's Law

An overview of Moore's Law.

Robotics vs Artificial Intelligence

The different between robots and AI.


An overview of superintelligence.

Dyson Sphere

An overview of Dyson spheres.


A definition of yobibyte with a chart of comparisons to other data sizes.

Artificial Intelligence Examples

Common examples of artificial intelligence.

Speed Of Light

An overview of the speed of light with examples.

Technology Examples

The definition of technology with examples.

Technology Theory

A list of interesting technology theories.

Technology Change

An overview of technology change with examples.

Types of Technology

A reasonably comprehensive list of information technologies.

Gamification Techniques

A list of gamification techniques.

Information Technology Problems

A list of common IT problems.

Types Of Cloud

The basic types of cloud computing.

IT Quality

Common types of IT quality.

Machine Data

The common types of machine data.

Types Of Software

The common types of software.

Proprietary Technology

A definition of proprietary technology with examples.

Systems Design

The common elements of a systems design.

Systems vs Applications

The difference between systems and applications explained.
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