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3 Examples of a Network Perimeter

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A network perimeter is a boundary that is established by firewalls and other information security infrastructure to partially isolate a network or host from external threats. This can be thought of as a virtual wall that lets some things through and stops other things based on rules or algorithms. The following are illustrative examples of a network perimeter.

Host Perimeter

A firewall on a server or device that prevents external entities from using certain local resources such as a port.

Local Perimeter

It is common for an organization's internal network to have multiple zones that are each protected by a network perimeter. For example, a bank may isolate backend servers such that only specifically authorized IPs may establish a network connection.

External Perimeter

The main perimeter between an organization's local networks and the internet. This may restrict ports, applications and protocols. Traffic between an internal network and external network may also be closely monitored by security infrastructure such as an intrusion detection system.
Overview: Network Perimeter
A boundary that is established by firewalls and similar infrastructure to partially isolate a network or host.
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