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20 Examples of IT Governance

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IT governance is the oversight and direction of the information technology of an organization to achieve objectives, manage risks and align with the interests of stakeholders. This is a subset of corporate governance. The following are common examples of IT governance.

Strategic Planning

Planning IT strategy.


Allocation and monitoring of budget.


Allocation and monitoring of resources such as facilities, employees and infrastructure.


Planning to meet future capacity needs and to use capacity efficiently.

Competency Management

Assessing organizational maturity, skills and capabilities.


Measuring the performance of teams, systems, services, programs and projects.

Vendor Management

Monitoring partner performance and managing issues.

Project Governance

Oversight of project planning and execution.

Change Management

Communicating change and driving it forward through resistance and issues.

Cost Control

Monitoring costs and the value of such costs.


Management of legacy technology risks and the process of continually modernizing IT.

IT Standards

Developing and enforcing IT standards.


Oversight of the structural design of IT.

Service Management

Managing the quality of IT services including incident and problem management.

Data Governance

Monitoring and managing data quality.

IT Risk Management

Identifying, assessing, managing and monitoring IT risk.

Business Continuity Planning

Planning to support the business in the even of disasters and other major disruptions.

Information Security

Managing vulnerabilities, threats and security incidents.


Ensure compliance to laws, regulations and standards.

IT Audits

Evaluating compliance to policy, directives, regulations, standards and best practices.
Overview: IT Governance
The discipline of controlling and directing the information technology of an organization to manage risks and align with stakeholder interests.
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