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11 Examples of IT Modernization

IT modernization is the process of upgrading and replacing aging technologies. As technologies age they become expensive and difficult to maintain and support. They can also begin to represent a security and operational risk as vulnerabilities and bugs go unfixed in unsupported or poorly supported old technologies. The following are illustrative examples of IT modernization.
An investment bank evaluates all systems and applications every three years with a risk scorecard that identifies security, stability, support and maintenance issues.
A telecom company mandates that all instances of an old operating system must be upgraded within 18 months. This operating system is used by 17 systems and hundreds of instances. All teams running this OS version come up with a plan to upgrade.
A government performs an IT risk analysis to identify systems that at risk of failure. Three legacy systems are identified as being high risk and a program is commissioned to replace them.
A small retail bank carefully monitors the support status of products and upgrades them as end-of-support nears.
A vendor aggressively ends support for old products in order to enjoy increased sales of new products and consulting services. A cost cutting CIO recognizes this situation and migrates to an open source product.
A security flaw is identified in an out-of-support database and the team using the database work to immediately replace it with a cloud service.
An advertising agency undergoes a digital transformation whereby they shift their core business model to become a digital advertising platform. This eventually involves retiring most of their legacy systems.
A manufacturing firm is dependent on a 40 year old ERP system that is long out of support. They continue to maintain the system until a series of revenue impacting outages finally pushes them to try to retire the system. The upgrade project involves numerous consultants and is enormously expensive and high risk.
A small design company aggressively changes and upgrades its platforms such that it never ends up with anything resembling a legacy system.
The chief architect of a streaming media company moves the firm towards a modern service architecture on a scalable cloud platform. With time, this becomes the dominant way of building out systems and applications at the firm.
A business unit shifts away from internal IT systems as they feel they lack usability and flexibility. They directly sign contracts with external cloud platforms for some of their core systems. These systems are far more modern than the internal systems of the firm.
Overview: IT Modernization
The process of upgrading and replacing aging technologies.
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