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9 Examples of Static Content

Static content is a type of web page, media and document that is served to a user without being generated for that user. The following are illustrative examples.

Static Html

Html code that is produced once and served to all users. For example, a marketing offer that is produced by a web designer and uploaded to a web server.

Cached Html

Html code that is dynamically generated by an application server and then cached for all users for a period of time. For example, a weather report for a city that is dynamically generated and then cached as a static copy on a web server or content delivery network for an hour. This is done to reduce response times, computing costs and computing load.


Client side javascript is code that is run on your browser with a web page. This is often structured into separate files that can be either static or dynamic. For example, a web site template may include a javascript file to implement a navigational element such as a menu.

Data Objects

Data objects used by javascript such as a JSON file are often dynamically generated by an application server. However, they can also be cached static files. For example, a data object that tells javascript what to include in a menu may be dynamically generated from a database but then cached for weeks on an application server.

Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading style sheets, or CSS, are files that describe how content is visually formatted. It is common for a dynamic website to include static CSS files that describe how the dynamic pages should look.


Images such as photos on a blog or a logo used as a graphical element of a web site template.


Videos are usually static content. For example, a live streaming sports event may transcode video to multiple formats in near real time as a dynamic process. However, this is only done once for all users and uploaded as a static video file to a web server or content delivery network.


Documents such as a PDF file on a web site.


In many cases, a web page uses custom fonts that are downloaded with the page. These are typically static files.
Overview: Static Content
A type of web page, media and document that is served to a user without being generated for that user.
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