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7 Examples of a Local Area Network

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A local area network is a network that connects devices at a single location. This is done to communicate, exchange data and to integrate things and experiences. The following are common examples.

Home Network

A network used to integrate devices in the home and connect to the internet. For example, this can allow everyone in a home to access shared files from their devices.

Office Network

A wired and wireless network at an office location. Allows employees and systems to communicate, collaborate and share data.

Personal Network

A network used by a single user. For example, a home office network that is kept separate from a home network for security purposes.

Public Network

A cafe creates a public wifi network that allows customers to connect to the internet.

Offline Network

A nuclear power station uses a local network to monitor and control equipment and processes. This isn't connected to the internet for security purposes.

Storage Area Network

A network that provides a consolidated interface for data storage across multiple physical devices. For example, a collection of 20 hard disks that appear as a single local resource for devices on an office network.

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are everyday things that contain computers. In some cases, embedded systems create local networks to extend their functionality. For example, toys that are able to interact with each other may create local networks using techniques such as near-field communication.
Overview: Local Area Network
A network that connects devices at a single location.
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