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What is System Architecture?

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System architecture is the structural design of software that automates work.

What are Systems?

Systems are a class of software that offers automations and foundational functions as opposed to acting as a tool for people to use. They may have no user interface whatsoever. Alternatively, they may offer a user interface for purposes such as administration, operation and management.

Complex Systems

The term "systems" is also commonly used to describe anything that is complex and ordered such as a society or organization. System architecture is the structure of an IT system. The architecture of complex systems such as an organization is most typically referred to as business architecture or enterprise architecture.

System Architecture Document

System architecture defines the structure of a software system. This is usually a series of diagrams that illustrate services, components, layers and interactions. A systems architecture document may also cover other elements of a solution including business architecture, technology architecture, security architecture and data architecture.

Services Architecture

Systems are commonly structured into independent services that can be separately deployed and managed such as microservices. The following is a basic example of a service architecture.

Component Architecture

Components are reusable parts that are used to construct services. They may be structured into layers such as a business layer and data access layer. The following is an example of a component architecture diagram.
Overview: System Architecture Definition
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