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7 Examples of Business Architecture

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Business architecture is the analysis and design of business strategy, structures, capabilities, processes and metrics. As a discipline, this has a broad scope. As a practice, teams typically focus on a few areas of strategic importance to a firm. The following are illustrative examples.

Business Strategy

A business architecture team is tasked with standardizing and improving the process of strategic planning across business units. They implement templates and help each business unit to develop strategy proposals at a reasonable level of quality. The team also orchestrates processes for strategy review and approvals.

Capability Management

A business architecture team that owns capability management for an investment bank. They create a dashboard of business capabilities by product with a RAG status for capabilities such as risk management and compliance.


Implementation support for transforming a software company to a cloud services model. Deliveries include a GAP analysis by product.


A gap analysis of core operational processes with goals such as improving quality, reducing cost and identifying risks.

Business-IT Alignment

Representing the business in determining how IT services can better serve business units.


Benchmarking capabilities, processes, products, services and systems against key competition or industry best practices.

Distinctive Capabilities

Identification of distinctive capabilities using techniques such as market research and competitive analysis.
Overview: Business Architecture
The analysis and design of business models, strategies, structures, capabilities, processes, practices and metrics.
In practice, business architecture teams are typically focused on programs of strategic importance to a business such as transformation to a new business model.
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