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What is Telecommunications?

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Telecommunications, or telecom, is an industry that provides services for voice and data communication.


Telecom began with the emergence of data transmission networks based on telegrams as early as the late 1830s. Throughout most of the 20th century, telephone networks were the dominant form of communications and telecom companies sprang up in practical every nation on the planet to offer telephone services. In the 1980s, cable television and mobile voice networks were introduced in most markets. With the commercialization of the internet in the mid-1990s, the telecom industry began to shift to data services such as internet access, fiber optic networks and mobile data.

Typical Services

Modern telecommunication services often include telephone, mobile voice, mobile data, WiFi services, cable TV, fiber optic networks, internet access, network services, satellite communications, data centers, software and IT services. Telecommunications firms tend to generate significant cash flows and commonly invest in content such as television networks, video on demand and internet content. It is common for telecom companies to view their future as being in content and media.
Overview: Telecommunications
An industry that provides services related to the communication of voice and data.
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