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What is Peer-to-peer?

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Peer-to-peer is a computing and networking technique that involves sharing resources as equals. This differs from cloud and server-based computing in that it requires no central authority to offer services.


Peer-to-peer allows services to be built by connecting devices to devices. Generally speaking, this requires sophisticated algorithms for building efficient dynamic networks. Such algorithms may consider factors such as incentives for sharing resources that discourage peers from consuming resources without sharing. Security is also a significant design consideration as anyone can join a peer-to-peer network and they lack a central controlled environment such as a cloud service.


A peer-to-peer social network could be developed with no central servers and no company running the platform. Devices would offer processing power and data storage to operate the network. Such a network would be under no one's control and would operate by the actions of individual users and the algorithms on which it is based.
Overview: Peer-to-peer
Building services on top of a network of devices that share resources as peers.
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