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4 Examples of Service Provisioning

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Service provisioning is the process of setting up a service for a customer. The term is associated with the telecom industry and cloud infrastructure but can apply to other industries as well. The following are examples of service provisioning.


A customer purchases a mobile phone at a retail location. The store submits a request to activate the customer with a mobile network. This sets up the phone and customer in a variety of telecom systems such as billing and activates the customer's services.


An office on the 37th floor of a building in Singapore signs up for an ethernet connection. The telecom company needs to design and construct an extension of their infrastructure to the customers premise before the service can be activated. This requires booking access to the building with the company that manages the facility. As such, it can take days or weeks before the service can be initiated.


A customer orders a dedicated server from a data center. The data center sets up a machine with the customer's desired operating system, software and hardware options and provides the customer with access to the machine within 24 hours.

Cloud Infrastructure

A cloud infrastructure service allows customers to request new instances with an API. The cloud provider maintains a pool of available instances that are allocated to customers upon request.
Overview: Service Provisioning
The process of setting up a service for a customer.
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