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What is Asynchronous Communication?

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Asynchronous communication is communication that can be sent at any time without need for the sender and receiver to be time-synchronized.

Asynchronous vs Synchronous

Asynchronous communications can be sent at any time without regard to whether or not the receiver is ready. For example, an email is asynchronous.
Synchronous communication is a term for time-dependent communications such as a telephone call whereby parties to communication need to be available at the same time. Other examples of synchronous communication include scheduled data transfers and streaming media. Synchronous communications are often implemented with a buffer to handle situations where one side is faster than the other.


Communication such as mail and email are asynchronous. Web browsing is also a type of asynchronous communication as you can send an HTTP request to a website at any time and get a response.
Overview: Asynchronous Communication
Definition (1)
Communication that can be sent at any time.
Definition (2)
Communication that is free of time-synchronization dependencies.
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