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10+ Telecom Terms

 , December 15, 2016
Telecom, or telecommunications, is an industry based on services for transmitting information including voice and data. Telecom networks serve a fundamental economic function and are the basis for modern communications including telephone, cable television, internet and mobile access. Telecommunication networks exist in every nation with a massive degree of interconnection between networks on a global basis. The following are common telecom terms.
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A list of networking techniques and concepts.

Overlay Network

Building networks on top of networks for security and privacy.

Net Neutrality

A definition of net neutrality.


A definition of tarpit with examples.

Proxy Server

A definition of proxy server with common examples.

Proximity Awareness

The definition of proximity awareness with examples.

Optical Fiber

A list of optical fiber applications.

Near Field Communication

A definition of near field communication with examples.

Types of Technology

A reasonably comprehensive list of information technologies.

Gamification Techniques

A list of gamification techniques.

Information Technology Problems

A list of common IT problems.

Types Of Cloud

The basic types of cloud computing.

IT Quality

Common types of IT quality.

Machine Data

The common types of machine data.

Types Of Software

The common types of software.

Proprietary Technology

A definition of proprietary technology with examples.

Systems Design

The common elements of a systems design.

Systems vs Applications

The difference between systems and applications explained.
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