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44 Examples of Telecom Services

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Telecom, or telecommunications, is an industry based on services for transmitting information including voice and data. Telecom networks serve a fundamental economic function and are the basis for modern communications including telephone, cable television, internet and mobile access. Telecommunication networks exist in every nation with a massive degree of interconnection between networks on a global basis. The following are common telecom services.
Application hosting services
Backup and restore services
Business internet such as dedicated ethernet lines
Cable television
Call forwarding
Call waiting
Caller ID
Cloud computing
Cloud storage
Colocation services
Conference calling
Content distribution networks (CDN)
Data center services
Dedicated hosting services
Domain name registration
Domain name system (DNS) services
Email services
Fiber optic internet
Infrastructure as a service
Interactive voice response services
IoT platforms
Landline phones
Long-distance phone calls
Messaging services
Mobile data e.g. 5g
Mobile voice
Platform as a service
Satellite internet
Satellite radio
Satellite television
Security as a service
Smart home services
Software as a service
Speech-to-text services
Unified messaging
Video conferencing
Virtual private network (VPN)
Virtual workspaces
Voice recognition services
Wifi services
Wired internet services


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