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Why User Experience Is So Hard To Define

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User experience is the practice of satisfying customers. This is a broad mission that happens at different levels including strategy, organizational culture, operations and design. As such, user experience is commonly defined in different ways that are relevant to each level. The following definitions are arranged from the most general to most specific. Each is correct within its own context.


A plan to satisfy customers to gain their business, loyalty and enthusiasm.

Organizational Culture

A living set of norms, symbols, habits and expectations that allow you to make customers happy.


Processes and capabilities that allow you to deliver to customer expectations.


The value that customers find in your business such as reliability, aesthetics, usefulness and a sense of emotional connection.


Creating products, services, environments, information, symbols and cultural artifacts that make customers happy.

Other Definitions

It is common to use the term user experience design as a synonym of visual design, web design or interaction design. This is done to emphasize that a design specialization has a primary goal of satisfying users.

User Experience

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