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8 Types of Information Design

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Information design is the process of creating information environments to achieve communication objectives such as informing, influencing and motivating. Information environments include media, publications, software, websites, games and physical environments such as a factory floor. The following are common elements of information design.

Information Architecture

Designing structures for information such as a sitemap for a website.


Creating visual elements such as a logo.

Graphic Design

The end-to-end process of creating visual works such as a poster, sign or visual template for an information environment.


The look and feel of written language.


Writing, documentation and copywriting.

Interaction Design

The design of user interfaces that allow users to navigate, create and share information.

Data Science

Extracting knowledge from data and communicating it in a way that isn't misleading.


The ability to resonate with a target audience to engage and inform. For example, creating information visualizations rooted in familiar concepts that are entertaining and visually stimulating.
Overview: Information Design
The process of creating information environments to achieve communication objectives.
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