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6 Examples of Sales Tactics

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Sales tactics are techniques that are used to achieve sales goals. They differ from sales strategy in that they are focused on immediate goals whereas a strategy is a plan for the future. The following are a illustrative examples of sales tactics.

1. Prospecting

An industrial materials salesperson makes a habit of asking for referrals directly after closing a deal while the relationship with the customer is perhaps at its peak. They find that many customers know a great many people in their industry and can make worthy introductions.

2. Qualifying

A software salesperson has met with a customer for 4 quarters in a row without being able to close a deal. They use the next meeting to ask intensive questions to determine what is holding the customer back. The salesperson discovers that the customer is in the midst of a major outsourcing initiative that is a complex and troubled program. As a result, the customer has little appetite for new software implementations. The meeting gives the salesperson the information required to set the customer as a low priority for the rest of the year.

3. Sales Presentations

A salesperson for an airplane manufacturer starts a presentation by asking the customer why they are in the market. The salesperson uses this information to tailor the presentation to the customer to show how the product will solve the customer's problems. For example, if a customer is looking to reduce fuel expenses the salesperson will go through fuel consumption and explain how they made the airplane so light.

4. Relationship Selling

A telecom salesperson is informed whenever there is an incident impacting one of her accounts. When an incident hits a major account she gets a briefing on the details from support and calls the customer. She uses the call as an opportunity to show her concern about the incident and also to gain a sense of any upselling opportunities such as an upgrade to the customer's support plan.

5. Objection Handling

A customer points out that a telecom salesperson's offer is more expensive than the competition. The salesperson replies with a technique known as expand the pie that lists all the high level benefits of the offer. For example, they point out that their support desk offers immediate access to certified network engineers on a 7/24 basis. The salesperson states that this is equivalent to having your own team of certified network engineers available around the clock.

6. Closing

At the first mention of a price a car salesperson hands the customer over to a sales manager to finalize the details. This is known as a handover close. By being handed to someone more important the customer feels as if they've already made something of a commitment.


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