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Customer Relationships

29 Examples of Account Management

Account management is the post-sales process of managing customer relationships. This may be assigned to the salesperson who closed a sale or a separate account management role. Account managers are responsible for customer experience and the development of revenue opportunities from existing accounts. The following are common examples of account management.
Account forecasting
Answering customer inquiries
Building, sustaining and growing customer relationships
Consultative sales
Customer advocacy - pushing for change based on customer requests
Customer analysis
Customer communications
Customer success - measuring and improving your value to the customer
Handling billing inquiries / problems
Identifying market issues
Identifying product / service issues
Identifying sales opportunities
Improving the customer experience
Increasing customer loyalty
Informing customers of problems that may impact them
Monitoring quality of services
Providing customer service
Providing product expertise / consulting
Reducing customer churn
Reducing customer defection
Reporting customer / sales results and metrics
Resolving customer problems
Share of wallet
Single point of contact for customer inquiries
Supporting market research efforts
Supporting sales efforts such as campaigns
Supporting the account decision making process
Overview: Account Management
The post-sales process of managing customer relationships.
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Customer Relationships

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