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15 Examples of Communication Planning

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Communication planning is the process of developing a formal plan for reaching audiences with a message. This can be created for internal communications such as a project launch or external communications such as a marketing campaign. The following are basic examples of communication planning.

Communication Objectives

Set goals for your communication.

Audience Analysis

Identify your audience and their needs, expectations and perceptions.


Research the topic you are communicating.


Planning the channels you will use to reach your audience.

Action Plan

Identify the actions you will take to achieve communication objectives.

Message Development

Framing your messages.

Message Testing

Try your messages on people and gather feedback.

Communication Schedule

Identify your timeline for delivering your communications.

Activities & Events

Plan communication activities and events such as meetings or workshops.

Media & Documents

Develop the media and documents that you will use.

Communication Plan

Develop a communication plan that outlines everything above.


Ask stakeholders to approve your communication plan.

Communication Delivery

Execute communications such as emails or public speaking.

Feedback & Measurement

Gather feedback and measure results against objectives.

Lessons Learned

Review what worked and didn’t work to improve with the next communication campaign.
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