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What is a Slideument?

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A slideument is a presentation that resembles a document with copious information as opposed to visual aids. This has negative connotations that suggest information that is better provided as a handout or reference materials.

Public Speaking & Slides

Generally speaking, presentation slides aren't meant to be comprehensive documentation of a topic. Skilled public speakers may use slides to aid storytelling, humor and convey data that is best visualized. Slideuments in contrast, are stacked with information that duplicates what is being communicated verbally.

Slides as Documents

In some cases, individuals get in the habit of producing documentation in slide format. The result is typically a low density document that takes up a lot of paper and may be more difficult to read. For example, a slideument of 80 pages might be equivalent to a 10 page condensed document.


Slideuments make sense in scenarios such as training where an audience is asked to follow along on a lengthy and intensive presentation.
Overview: Slideument
Data Visualization
Presentation sides that include copious information that duplicate the content of reference materials as opposed to acting as an interesting visual aid.
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