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5 Examples of a Dry Run

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A dry run is a rehearsal or simulation that is used as a test or practice. The term stems from 19th century American firefighting training and competitions that didn't involve the use of water. The following are common modern variations of a dry run.


A dry run in performing arts implies a dress rehearsal complete with technical elements such as stage lighting and pyrotechnics.


An initial test that reduces risk in some way. For example, a rocket engine may be tested in a fixed position on the ground as opposed to in the air.


A mental walk-through of complex code such as an algorithm to confirm that it is logically valid.


The practice of testing project deliverables before testing by the customer. For example, a development team may test a system before handing it over the business for testing.


It is common for presentations that involved significant cost and effort to develop such as a complex sales proposal to be practiced internally before going in front of the customer.
Overview: Dry Run
A rehearsal or simulation that is used as a test or practice.
Reducing risk of an expensive, dangerous or embarrassing failure.
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