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7 Examples of a Communication Process

A communication process is a repeatable series of steps for communicating to a target audience. This is a process of communication strategy and planning followed by communication, feedback and lessons learned.
Communication Strategy → Analysis → Communication Planning → Design → Communication → Feedback → Lessons Learned

Communication Strategy

Communication strategy is the process of deciding your communication goals, objectives and high level approach.

Communication Analysis

Communication analysis is the process of identifying stakeholders, target audiences and any information you require for your communication.

Communication Planning

Communication planning is the process of identifying what needs to be done to achieve communication objectives. A communication plan resembles an action plan that spells out what you are going to do with a schedule and list of resources and dependencies. It is also common for a communication plan to include details of communication channels you plan to use.

Communication Design

Designing the communications themselves. This can involve things such as message framing and visual design.


Executing your communication plan. For example, sending out emails, publishing documents and public speaking designed to communicate the initiation of a new strategy.


Communication is normally a two-way process whereby you receive information back from your audience. This may include business information, customer feedback and so forth. In other words, this step isn't feedback regarding your communication itself but is a conversation that is relevant to your goals. For example, a series of community meetings held by a city to get requirements for a new living street design.

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned is the process of examining the communication process including feedback from stakeholders and audiences to identify things that worked well and things that could be improved.

Communication Planning

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