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18 Types Of Management Planning

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Management planning is the organizational process of establishing strategies, goals and a plan to achieve goals. In theory, an organization develops a single strategy plan and all subsequent plans are in support of this overall plan. The following are the common types of management planning.
Action Planning
Budget Planning
Business Continuity Planning
Capacity Planning
Communication Planning
Goal Setting
Human Resources Planning
Operational Planning
Performance Management Planning
Project Planning
Quality Management Planning
Resource Planning
Risk Management Planning
Sales and Marketing Planning
Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
Strategic Planning
Succession Planning
Team Planning
Action planning is the process of planning day-to-day work. In an academic context, this is referred to as tactical planning.
Sales and operations planning, or S&OP, is the critical process that aligns marketing to operations. For example, aligning an increase in production with a promotional campaign that will drive higher sales.
Team planning is a catch-all for planning various organizational functions. For example, a brand management team that performs brand planning each quarter.

Management Planning

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