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26 Examples of Management Outcomes

Management outcomes are real world results that managers achieve. This suggests targets that are under the influence of external factors such as competition, customers, partners and supply chains. In other words, outcomes are beyond a manager's full control such that it is more common to measure performance in terms of objectives. The following are the common types of management outcome.
Financial performance
Market share
Sales volumes
Cost reduction
Reduced overhead cost
Brand value
Customer satisfaction
Customer experience
Customer relationships
Customer acquisition cost
Customer retention
Customer loyalty such as purchases per month
Reduced cost of risk
Employee productivity
Operational efficiency
Production volumes
Reduced unit cost
Product quality
Service quality
Process throughput and speed
Competitive advantages
Employee satisfaction
Social responsibility
Competitive advantage is a catchall for building out capabilities that have future advantages. These are perhaps not true outcomes but can be used if you are asked to give outcomes for a role that is somewhat detached from immediate real world results.
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